Scrutinize the Family Tree


Karthik, a software engineer had booked for a three-bedroom villa that was under construction in one of the upcoming residential areas in Bangalore. This villa was developed on agricultural land that had been converted for residential use. As the builder was a reputed one, and had undertaken several projects, in Bangalore, Karthik went ahead and paid a substantial amount as a down payment for the villa. However, just before he could register the property, Karthik was in for a huge shock… It appeared that the agriculture property belonged to a joint family and one of the family members had challenged the sale of the property to the developer.

When land belongs to a joint family, it is important to determine whether the consent of all family members have been obtained for the development of the property. If any shareholder is kept out of the deal, he or she has the right to challenge the deal and take legal action, which can jeopardize the project.  In such situations, it is important for potential buyers to examine all the documents including the family tree. This document shows the genealogical tree in the form of a flow chart indicating the names and details of the family of the owners of the property that is being sold. The family tree is a tricky document and not easy for a common person to decipher. Reviewing the family tree is a lengthy process and requires due diligence from an expert to avoid any legal hassles later. It is important for any buyer who plans to buy property that belonged to a joint development to engage the services of a legal expert to ascertain the family tree.


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