Do not get fooled by Celebrity Brand Ambassadors!

Mr. Acharya was about to retire from his job after working for an Engineering Firm for almost three decades. They had decided to invest in an apartment and approached a Real Estate Company that had recently put up large hoardings around Bangalore and had advertised in a big way in the leading newspapers. This Agency had retained a leading Actor and celebrity as their Brand Ambassador and were offering attractive returns on their deposits. Many people like Mr. Acharya were lured into investing in the project. However, after putting down a huge amount as the initial deposit, Mr. Acharya did not receive any intimation from the Real Estate Agency.  When he approached their offices, to his dismay he realized that the Real Estate Agency had wound up their business and had fled the scene leaving several investors in the lurch.

These helpless investors have now approached the police to recover their life savings. The professionals at House Warning urge all investors, to check the validity of the Company before investing in these schemes and have the expertise to ascertain whether these Real Estate Companies have the requisite authorization and are not “fly by night” operations set up to dupe the innocent public. 

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