Arm yourself Against Encroachments!


Senior residents of an upscale apartment complex in Hebbal woke up to a rude shock… The demolition crew was at their gateway to demolish one-block of the apartment units, clubhouse as well as a good part of the common area claiming that the apartment was built on the Raja Kaluve or Storm Water Drain that leads to the lake.
Most of the owners, had bought the homes trusting the reputation of the builder who had furnished them with sanctioned plans, approved documents as well as Occupancy Certificates to support that the project was executed in accordance with the law. Some of the owners had also availed loans from leading banks. In addition, all the owners had been paying property taxes year on year for these units.

The residents of the apartment complex questioned how the authorities could go back on their own clearance certificates. They felt that the authorities should have raised objections before issuing certificates and approving the plans.

Due to the lack of proper maps, the authorities were basing their demolition drive on the 1902 mother document, which were subsequently updated, to revenue maps in 1962! Over the last two decades, Bangalore has experienced unprecedented growth resulting in increased building activity. In some cases, builders have conspired with city authorities to build houses on lakebeds and canals and have sold these units to unsuspecting buyers at exorbitant prices.

Unfortunately, today there is lack of data available in the public domain to confirm encroachments on lakebeds, storm water drains and buffers. It is important for all potential buyers to safeguard their interest and not just rely on assurances and documents supplied by the Builder.

House Warning would like to caution all potential buyers to consult land expert before investing to ensure that the apartment is not located on encroached land!

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